Our Firm

At Lucchino & Associates, we are on a mission to provide individuals, families and businesses with a lifetime strategy to gain financial control of their lives and reach their full financial potential. If this is your desire, please enjoy your visit and we look forward to meeting you.

Over the years, we have examined through many types of financial plans that are supposed to be designed to make clients a “success”. We have discovered that the deficiencies of these plans are never clearly communicated to clients and their families by their traditional financial planners. For one thing, these plans lack proper coordination and integration of assets, thus those who own them find themselves limited in their financial growth. Worst of all, these plans ignore a variety of wealth eroding forces within our economic society. For example, the contingencies of death, disability, law suit or creditor’s claim, risk, inflation and taxes are an after-thought in these plans. These plans cannot survive in our turbulent world. The basic formula for a simultaneous creation of wealth with maximum benefit is never discussed by these planners. Ignoring these facts, will only disinherit you and/or your family from your wealth potential.